Life InsuranceIf you die,
FRANK pays.

  • Tax-free lump sum life insurance payout of up to R10 million.
  • Unlimited beneficiaries. Add as many as you want. Change them at any time.
  • Immediate cover without delay.
  • Straightforward cover. No fancy talk. No hidden clauses.

No one wants to think about death, which is why you should.

Financial security, that’s what everyone wants for their loved ones. While money is just one part of it, it’s also the aspect we don’t often think about. FRANK pays a tax-free amount of up to R10 million to your beneficiaries if you pass away. Life is unpredictable. But FRANK’s payout is not.

Go direct, save time.

Give us a call between 8am and 6pm if you want to buy or increase your existing cover, need to change your details or to put in a claim.

But wait, there’s more.

Right now you’re probably thinking you could do with more straightforward insurance in your life, right? Well, FRANK also offers standalone Salary Protection, Disability Cover and Serious Illness Cover.

Get R500k
Life Insurance from
R118 p/m
Cover and premiums dependent on individual risk profile.

Getting insured

How does it work?

The payout amount, or cover, you will qualify for is based on a number of factors, including your gender, age, smoking habits, income, education and how healthy you are at the time of application. For instance, your BMI index – a formula taking your height and weight into account – is an indicator of your health and counts towards your cover. Your monthly payments are tailor-made and calculated based on these factors and the cover you choose.

Be honest.

It works both ways. We try to tell you everything up front and we trust that you will do the same. When you get insured with FRANK your job and your hobbies are taken into account. If you like to jump out of planes or go bungee jumping, we need to know.

Tell us what you’re up to.

FRANK needs to know if you change jobs, start or stop smoking, take up a risky activity or sport. If you are planning to be outside of South Africa for more than 30 consecutive days, we need to know that too. It is important that you keep us updated on any of the above lifestyle choice changes.

Just one blood test needed.

For our full cover products, you need to go for an HIV test as soon as possible, within three months of taking out your policy, so that you can enjoy the benefits of full cover. FRANK not only pays for the test, but will arrange for a nurse to come to your home or your workplace. Your results are kept strictly confidential. The results of the test may affect your cover and your monthly payment.

Be the change.

Keep FRANK informed of all changes as information that isn’t shared can affect future claims. We may have to adjust your monthly payment to make sure that you are paying the right amounts for your benefits. If your lifestyle factors have improved, your monthly payment might even decrease!

When you get insured with FRANK, your job and hobbies are also taken into account.

Important stuff

Honesty is the best policy.

FRANK wants to make sure that when you claim, we pay. So honesty at every stage of the process is of the utmost importance. If we find that some or all of the details you supplied were inaccurate, it could affect your claim.

If it’s illegal, we don’t pay.

FRANK will not pay if you injure or harm yourself or make yourself ill on purpose. FRANK will not be able to pay any claim for any of our products if you are disabled or die while you are involved in any illegal activities, war, riots or terrorism.

Something wrong? Call us.

When you or your beneficiaries need to submit a claim, contact our call centre on 0860 238 379 and they will inform you of the procedure you will need to follow and the relevant documentation required to process your request.

Honesty at every stage of the process is of the utmost importance.

Let’s do this