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Hospital Cash Back Cover



Imagine finding yourself in hospital for more than three consecutive nights by no fault of your own. It's no huge leap to say this would be a stressful time for you and your family.

While we can't guarantee that you'll never have to eat hospital food, having hospital cover from FRANK.NET means you can recover in style.

With Hospital Cash Back Cover from FRANK you can:

  • get covered immediately;
  • receive up to R5 000 for every day you're in hospital if you're there for more than three consecutive nights;
  • receive a lump sum of cash to spend however you choose.
  • Also, if you return to hospital within 10 days of your original stay, FRANK will consider this a consecutive night. As a result, your original lump sum payment will be increased, allowing you to receive cash for the second stay, even if it's for less than three consecutive nights.

    That kind of money could pay for anything; from extra help to care for your children while you recover to a holiday for you to recuperate.

    Contact FRANK on 0860 722 227 for a free Hospital Cash Back Cover quote or buy cover online today.

    The benefits of this insurance from FRANK.NET
    Every South African will likely find themselves in hospital at some point in their lives. It can certainly be disruptive by turning your normal well-thought-through daily routine on its head. Like most, you’ll probably need to undergo a period of rest and recovery at home after your hospital stay. By taking out Hospital Cash Back Cover from FRANK, you’ll have the opportunity to recover in both comfort and style, with money to spend on whatever you please.

    This not only makes the overall experience easier, but also helps you keep paying the bills. It’s essentially a financial safety net, ready to catch you should you visit the hospital for between three and 90 days consecutively. 

    Contact FRANK on 0860 722 227 to get cover today or get a quick quote online.

    Information on FRANK's Hospital Cash Back Cover
    FRANK.NET will pay out a cash lump sum of up to R5 000 for every day that you’re in hospital. You’ll receive this payout if you have a successful claim and have been in hospital for between three and 90 consecutive nights. You’ll need to be under the care of a registered specialist, in a hospital facility that has full-time registered nurses.

    Your daily payout will increase to a 150% if you are in High Care and to 200% if you are in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

    FRANK also guarantees that your premiums won’t increase in the first year of taking out this cover, regardless of whether or not you claim. All you need to do to be covered is undergo an HIV test and you  must let us know if there is a change in your lifestyle and you must pay your premiums diligently.
    Know the facts about this type of cover from FRANK

    We know that being admitted to hospital for an extended period can be emotionally and physically taxing. After all, being seriously ill or injured can be seriously expensive!

    This cover is for unplanned extra expenses or losses suffered because you have been admitted to a hospital. (Please note that a hospital is not a rehabilitation facility, a sub-acute clinic or a rest facility.) 

    However, if you’re injured while breaking the law or taking part in activities related to war, you won’t be able to claim. Also, Hospital Cash Back Cover does not cover your stay if you need to be treated for alcohol- or drug-related problems.

    You’re also not eligible to claim for cosmetic surgery, infertility, obesity treatments, dental procedures, mental problems and medical investigations. 

    Your cover will be paid out as a lump sum once your claim has been processed and approved.

    Contact FRANK on 0860 722 227 to buy Hospital Cash Back Cover today. 
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