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Disability Cover



Imagine being in an accident or suffering from an illness that renders you permanently disabled and leaves you unable to work in your current field or another field for which you are trained or educated or have experience.

Can you picture your financial situation under such circumstances?

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Many people without Disability Cover live their lives without worrying about becoming permanently disabled through illness or injury because they have the ‘it won't happen to me' outlook on life.

But what if the very real possibility of losing your job because you're rendered permanently disabled turns into a reality?

Becoming permanently disabled can easily cost you your job. And without a salary, how would you support yourself or your dependants?

FRANK.NET offers a Disability Cover product for which you pay monthly premiums and receive a cash lump sum - depending on your personal details - should you become permanently disabled. This cash can help you settle into your new situation or protect your family and dependants from an unexpected financial crisis. 

Reasons to choose FRANK.NET Disability Cover

  • Direct telephone or online application saves time and money without brokers.
  • Straightforward cover makes it easy to understand our products and agreements.
  • Competitive monthly premiums enable affordable long-term insurance planning. 
  • Immediate cover provides cover without any delay.
  • Nurses on wheels conveniently take your blood test where and when it suits you.
  • A tax-free lump sum payout of up to R5 million for Disability Cover will help you adjust to your new circumstances when you can no longer work.
  • Standalone insurance products enable you to take out Life Cover, Salary Protection or Disability Cover independently, depending on your needs.

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    Disability benefits from FRANK.NET

    Many accidents and medical conditions cause disabilities that can drastically affect your lifestyle both at home and in the workplace.

    FRANK.NET provides Disability Cover to help you cope with these changes to your circumstances.

    With FRANK.NET Disability Cover you receive a lump sum payout determined by your premiums and personal details, when you're unable to earn due to an accident.

    Without FRANK.NET Disability Cover benefits you may not be able to support your dependants if you become permanently disabled and you could face a financial crisis.

    Physical and mental disability can make it difficult for you to work in the job you have now. It could also make it impossible for you to work in another job appropriate to your training, experience or qualification.

    FRANK.NET's Disability Cover can help you adapt to your new lifestyle and our disability payment can be a solution to the immediate financial implications that accompany your disability.

    Our disability payment is a temporary solution for your situation. It ensures that you're not overwhelmed by your disability, including the financial implications that accompany it.

    Call FRANK.NET on 0860 722 227 now to apply for Disability Cover and get a free quote.

    What you need to know about Disability Cover from FRANK.NET

    You can receive a tax-free payout of up to R5 million, depending on your personal details, should you become permanently disabled. You will be rendered disabled if you suffer from a physical or mental disability that permanently prevents you from performing your usual job or any other career suited to your level of education, knowledge, training or experience.

    You will be covered and can make a disability claim up to the age of 65.

    To claim, medical proof of your disability is required to ensure that you meet the required criteria for your payout. Self-inflicted injuries causing disability will not be accepted.

    We recommend that you always seek professional medical assistance when necessary and follow medical advice.

    Additionally, FRANK.NET needs to be updated when you make changes to your lifestyle choices. This includes but is not limited to:

    Permanent job changes – We need to know if your job title changes to include different activities that may affect your health and risk level.

    High-risk activities – If you start or stop participating in risky physical sports or hobbies that could cause serious injuries.

    Smoking – If you start or quit smoking, it's important that you inform FRANK.NET.

    We care about your wellbeing and we need you to be honest about your lifestyle choices because they can affect your premiums and payouts.

    Whether you're single or have dependants who rely on you financially, you should have a backup plan in case you become permanently disabled by an illness or accident.

    FRANK.NET provides life investment products, including Disability Cover, to ensure that you and your dependants remain financially secure if you can no longer work and earn an income.

    Contact FRANK.NET on 0860 722 227 today for a free Disability Cover quote and ensure that you get cover today.

    You can never work again, we pay - Disability Cover from FRANK.NET

    If you're the breadwinner in your family, it's important to plan for the eventuality that you may be unable to provide for your dependants.

    Disability Cover from FRANK.NET provides disability benefits to assist you with adjusting to changes due to your disability.

    Disability Cover is one of the long-term insurance products that FRANK offers. All our products are standalone products, which means that you can choose which products will best suit your future needs, should an unexpected event happen. You can decide to take out Disability Cover independently or you can include more products in your long-term planning, depending on your circumstances.

    To receive our Disability Cover benefits of up to R5 million tax-free, you can apply for cover today by calling 0860 722 277 and providing us with accurate information to efficiently ensure that you get suitable cover.

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    Disability Cover Information

    FRANK.NET Disability policy FAQs.

    Get a direct disability insurance quote and protect your future financial well-being with FRANK.NET

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